This Workshop Is for You If You…

      • Experienced feeling a loss of control during and/or after birthing
      • Experienced fear for your baby’s safety or your own safety
      • Felt unheard, uncared for, or pushed into making difficult decisions
      • Had poor pain relief during labor
      • Experienced distress and intense fear during and following your birth experience
      • Feel disappointment and deep sadness about your birth experience
      • Experienced an emergency delivery
      • Have been facing difficulty processing and accepting your birth experience
      • Experienced separation from your baby at or following birth
      • Preparing for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)
      • Preparing to birth again after experiencing any of the above

A woman’s experience of giving birth and becoming a mother is a powerful transformational journey. Birth is a life event that tests a woman’s physical and inner resources. In some instances, childbirth can be unexpectedly challenging, overwhelming and even heartbreaking. A mother might be left with unanswered questions and feelings of disappointment, deep sadness, regret, anger, blame or guilt about the events surrounding the birth of her baby.

One of the postpartum tasks a new mother faces is to integrate her experience of childbirth. It can take TWO to THREE years, sometimes longer, for a woman to fully integrate her experience of giving birth.

When guided by a skilled mentor, a new perspective becomes visible and healing takes place painlessly and with ease.

The answers are in her birth story. Yet, often birth stories are told in a way that leaves both the storyteller and the story listener confused and stuck in the “WHAT-IFs”.

In many birth story circles, birth stories are told in a linear, chronological way often focusing on describing the medical events. New insights are hard to come by when we retell these linear stories over and over. This is like picking on the scab of a wound that is beginning to heal.

When the mind is busy fighting or fleeing a lion that is not there, there is no energy available for growth, health or happiness.

Healing From Birth Workshop… A Transformational Way to Revisit Your Birth Story and Find New Meaning and Peace

The Birth Story Healing Workshop is a unique, uplifting and transformational guided process that will change the way you see yourself and the birth of your baby. In this intimate workshop you will be gently guided to find new meaning in your birth story. You will have the opportunity to gather with other women in a compassionate and non-judgmental circle to explore your feelings about giving birth and becoming a mother. The group energy and the format of the circle allows for profound changes to take place. You will see yourself and the birth of your baby in a new light.

We use art, guided visualization, quiet reflection, journaling and story telling to create rapid, positive and transformational change after a difficult childbirth experience. Sharing is optional. The emphasis is on each woman connecting with her True Self.

How It Works

Sometimes a mother might experience childbirth as trauma. An event that is emotionally disturbing or distressing is considered traumatic. Not all traumatic events are horrifying or tragic. Trauma is in the eye of the beholder.

When something is painful or disturbing it slams into awareness and leaves a lasting impression. Even when the experience is finished deeper parts of the mind may continue to respond as if the disturbing event is still happening. Even experiences that have been consciously forgotten can continue to exert a negative influence.

It is as if these deeper parts of the mind have not gotten the good news, the news that the painful experience is finished. This may affect emotions, thinking, relationships, behavior and even health.

Clearing disturbing thoughts and painful emotions after a difficult birth opens space in your body, mind and spirit to be fully present in your life and the lives of your children. When the mind is cleared from disturbing thoughts and emotions, the energy that was used to keep that stuff alive is now available for growth, healing and joy.

After drawing her own labyrinth (no art skills required!!), each woman silently finger traces it with her non-dominant hand. Finger tracing induces a relaxed, meditative state.

The changes in brain waves from the active Beta waves to the relaxed Alpha waves that take place during the finger tracing of the labyrinth open the mind to see the events in new ways. The mind opens to new possibilities and healing.

After tracing the labyrinth, mothers are guided to visualize the birth and postpartum journey in the labyrinth. Through guided visualization, storytelling, drawing and journaling (all right brain, creative, intuitive experiences) mothers are able to access new information about themselves and the birth. In this state a mother intuitively unveils new insights about herself and the birth that cannot be accessed when she tells her birth story in a linear, chronological way.

Regardless of how recent or long ago the birth took place, mothers find seeds of healing during this process.

Transformation and healing gently unfold when a mother reconnects with her Essence. The ripples of the healing that begins here will reach our children for many generations.


”During my walk through the Labyrinth, I felt both a sense of peace and pride as I recognized the strength that I had within me, even during a time I felt I was powerless. I have a greater appreciation of myself and my baby and the journey that we travel(ed) together.” ~Denby, healing the birth of her 10 year old

Workshop FAQ

1. Is this workshop only for women who have given birth?

Yes. I offer other workshops and services for first time mothers, partners and birth professionals.

2. I had a normal birth, may I participate?

Yes. Even after a normal birth it takes 2 to 3 years to integrate the childbirth experience. This workshop will help you better understand your journey thru childbirth and into motherhood. You will learn about yourself as a woman and as a mother.

3. I had a cesarean birth, is this for me?

Yes. In this workshop you will be guided to find a new perspective in any part of your story that you might be having questions about. If you are preparing for a VBAC, a private session is also highly recommended.

4. I am pregnant, is this good preparation for childbirth?

If you have experienced childbirth before, this is a great way to prepare for the birth of your next baby. The obstacles you encountered in a previous birth might still be present. By looking at them now you will be better prepared for your next birth. This workshop is not for first time moms. A private session is more appropriate for you.

5. What do I hear about art!? Do I need to know how to draw?

No. You will be the only person looking at your picture.

6. I don't want to hear any traumatic birth stories. Will people be sharing their traumatic experiences with everyone?

No. This is a very personal and intimate process. We’ll sit together and each person will work on her own birth story. The sharing is always insightful and uplifting.

7. I am a birth professional, may I attend?

Yes, if you are interested in working on your own childbirth story. This workshop is not for observers. To bring clear presence to their clients, it is highly beneficial for birth professionals to work through their own childbirth experiences.

8. I already came to this workshop, may I repeat it?

Absolutely, as many times as you continue to find it useful. Each time you look at your birth story you will be ready to see a different piece. Healing is sometimes like peeling an onion, we remove layers, one by one as we become ready to look deeper.

9. May I bring my children?

No. To have the freedom to completely focus your attention on yourself, children can not attend.

10. Do you offer private sessions?

Yes. Private sessions are very different than a group session as they are designed with only your needs in mind. Click for information about a Clearing Birth Trauma Private Sessions.

What Mothers Are Saying…

This time last year I was in a really dark place, drowning in grief, retelling and reliving a birth experience that had haunted me for more than ten years. On a whim I decided to join Evelyn Ojeda-Fox at a Healing From Birth mini-retreat. I had been actively doing what I believed to be healing for over a decade and wasn’t sure what this event would have to offer but I needed something and it felt like the right thing to try. Never in my wildest dreams could I have expected the deep healing experienced through this event.

Not only could I see my own birth experience from a completely different empathetic view, but sharing the experience with a small group of women gave me great validation that even when the events of our lives are so so different they are experienced in similar ways that bind us all together.

If you want to look at your birth experience in a totally new way, feeling pure unconditional love for every character in your story, even those who let you down, did you wrong, or brought you pain, and most especially unconditional love and empathy for yourself then this is the workshop you need to be at. -Tawny

I attended the birth retreat & I’m left almost speechless. I have finally come to accept our birth journey. I now understand why I did everything I did at the time of labor. A weight has been lifted and I literally feel free and full of energy. I cannot recommend this class enough. I’ve been searching for these answers for over a year and with Evelyn’s help & her mix of meditation & arts I’ve found my conclusions. If your still feeling lost about a labor no matter how long ago it was please do yourself a favor and take her class I promise you will not leave disappointed! ~Kristina F.

Evelyn’s healing birth workshop had a profound impact on the way I was able to find peace with Lila’s birth and subsequent NICU stay. With her peaceful and loving guidance I began to create a space within myself that was receptive to what ultimately was the most fulfilling and beautiful experience of my life, the peaceful waterbirth of Audrey Rose. I encourage you to check out this workshop if it speaks to you. A healthy baby is not ALL that matters. Healthy and whole mamas are equally important as well. -Melanie Ann

This was such a great experience, I recommend this for all mothers, not just mothers who have a negative feeling about their birth experience. I discovered that I did what I could with what I had at the moment of my son’s birth. I didn’t do anything wrong, and there is nothing I could have done differently. -Kelly

Thank you for your encouragement throughout my pregnancy. I’ve learned so much from your posts and have been inspired to research things because of them. Your healing birth workshop was incredible in beginning my journey to putting that part of my life story in perspective. I know that you said “there are no do-overs” with births, but Audrey’s birth brought a peace that my heart was aching for. I’m so blessed. Thank you again! -Melanie Ann, after a peaceful water birth

Though it was the birth of my twin sons I focused on during the workshop, I found the closure and wisdom gained helped to disperse the small bits of baggage I had with my other births. Closure, it was a beautiful thing. It’s not that those things didn’t happen, it’s simply that I control my view of them now, I’m not a passive participant- I have control. -Sarah

The entire process was amazing. I loved being a part of this today with these lovely women. Thank you, Evelyn, for guiding us through this. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone with unresolved emotions about your birth story. -Jamie

The birth trauma workshops with Evelyn were highly insightful. It allowed me to step outside of the entire birth, and find focus on each individual major point during the birth that was difficult for me to bear witness to again. Through these birth exploration exercises I found moments of empowerment. Moments where I stood my ground and made decisions I didn’t realize I had, or how I was still trying to take care of my husband through it all. Moments where I knew that no matter what, I loved my baby and was going to bring her into the world as safely as possible. -Melissa

As a result of learning to trust myself again, I was able to reframe my birth experience with my daughter. I now see that, not only did I successfully birth her vaginally after a cesarean, which is a triumph, I birthed her in spite of the fear and ignorance my birth attendant brought into my birth space. This realization has been so empowering to me, and this feeling of accomplishment has moved through me into all aspects of my life. Without this workshop, I believe this level of awareness and accomplishment would have taken me much longer to achieve. –Jenni

I loved the flow of the labyrinth… the movement into the deep dark places of my birth story, back out into the birth of a new perspective of the events surrounding the birth of my baby. Experiencing the pain, in presence, with loving witness allowed me to shift my perspective from anger to compassion. ~N.W.

I had a beautiful, healing experience at a workshop tonight with the incredible Evelyn Ojeda-Fox. I’m feeling a sense of peace and clarity that I didn’t know I could have after 5 years. Thank you, Evelyn, for leading me through. I’ll never forget it. -Candice

I never thought about having compassion for my own self. I often only save this compassion for others, but looking back in this way allowed me to be there for myself. I loved that most of the reflections were done alone, but that there was plenty of space to share them. -KD

This class really helped me work through the pain and disappointments from my emergency c-section with the twins. I have come to accept that I did the best I knew to do at the time. At that time it was trusting doctors, and now I know to trust my own body… and that is empowerment! -Heather

I participated in Evelyn Ojeda-Fox’s Transformational Birth Healing Workshop and feel immensely blessed and grateful to have experienced a necessary shift in my own perception of my first birth. If you have unresolved issues around your birth experience, I would highly recommend attending a workshop to help you find peace and maybe even a gift you didn’t know you’d received along the way! -Denby, clearing the birth of her 10 year old

I learned all of the limitations and fears I had placed on myself because of my previous birth experience. I didn’t realize the capacity at which I had convinced myself that because of my previous birth experience, my body did not know how to birth a baby without interventions. Without realizing it, I had been allowing unwarranted fear to guide a majority of the decisions about the plans for my upcoming birth. I also realized that I have been trying to use my upcoming birth as a way to heal from my previous birth. I’ve been telling myself that if it goes well, then I’ll have a positive birth experience and I will be healed from the birth related trauma I’ve experienced. It was valuable for me to take this pressure off of myself and see my next birth as a separate entity from the last.

This event also helped to start some really great dialogue between my husband and I. When I shared my labyrinth with him he opened up a lot about how he experienced the birth and we were able to have some great discussion. -Joanna

Before I came to the workshop it was hard for me to know where to start with my healing process. It was validating to hear the other women’s experiences and know that I really was normal (and not being too dramatic). After attending the workshop I feel able to really face my fears and see my own strength and beauty again. -Carrie (Carrie came to the workshop in the third trimester of her third pregnancy. She had an unassisted empowered, blissful home-birth after two cesareans!)

Being present in the healing workshop with other Moms who also had cesarean births was very comforting to me. Knowing I wasn’t alone, knowing the feelings I was experiencing were real and important. We all shared our birth stories, we cried for ourselves and cried for each other, we healed individually and together as a group. -Kate

I shared my experience with other women, and they were surprised to hear that anything like this even existed. It is definitely a unique healing experience. ~Julie

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