How is CranioSacral Therapy beneficial for mothers?

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) improves fertility and supports mothers during conception, pregnancy, labor and postpartum by releasing restrictions in the body, pelvis and nervous system. With CST, mothers experience a sense of physical and emotional expansion and well being conducive to a positive experience for mom and baby.

Imagine experiencing a very safe gentle touch that actually helps release tensions deep in your body. Although Craniosacral therapists use a very light touch (the weight of a nickel), CST is deeply transformative and healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Even though receiving a massage can be very beneficial, my clients have found that CST offers a more profound experience with longer lasting benefits. That is because…

• CST addresses the nervous system, creating an optimal positive environment for mom and her womb-baby all throughout the perinatal period (before and after birth).

• CST addresses restrictions in the pelvis that can affect conception, pregnancy and birth.

• CST along with SomatoEmotional Release (SER) can help release trauma that might be stored in the body at a cellular level that could affect fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

• CST’s effect on the parasympathetic nervous system improves the emotional well-being of the mom in pregnancy and postpartum addressing anxiety and other pregnancy and postpartum moods and challenges.

Fertility & Conception

When a woman is experiencing high levels of stress and living in the fight-flight-freeze state, the body is not prepared for reproduction. Because of its relaxing nature, CST can help women attain proper parasympathetic function (the opposite of “fight-flight-freeze”). This state of ease readies the body for fertility and conception.

A 2014 U.S. study published in the journal Human Reproduction found that highly stressed women “took 29% longer to conceive compared to other women and [that] their risk of infertility doubled.” A U.K. study published around the same time found similar results when surveying couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

CST can also address the manifestations of strong emotions such as fear leftover from previous pregnancies or births, therefore removing potential barriers for conception.

Additionally, a misaligned pelvic structure or chronic muscle tension in the low back or pelvic floor can adversely affect nerves that supply the reproductive organs as well as the organs themselves. CST can help alleviate such tension so all the bones, muscles, organs, and nerves of the pelvis can regain optimal function to support conception and a healthy pregnancy.


By balancing and unwinding the pelvis CST can help ease ligament pain, low back pain, hip pain, and promote optimal fetal positioning. CST promotes a state of stillness and a sense of open-heartedness ideal for bonding with baby.

During a session fears or previous childbirth traumas can be gently addressed and released. These sessions are a great way to prepare body-mind-spirit for childbirth and motherhood.

Studies show that mothers who receive loving touch during their pregnancies are better able to provide loving touch to their newborn infants.

CST is a perfect complimentary treatment to assist pregnant survivors of sexual violence to prepare for pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Labor & Birth

Balancing and unwinding the pelvis provides great relief when applied during labor. CST supports the mother’s ability to be deeply calm and centered therefore having easier access to her inner resources. When mom is in this state of profound relaxation, her body and baby can navigate the work of labor and birth with greater ease.

During CST, the nervous system moves with ease from the sympathetic fight-or-flight response to the calm and receptive parasympathetic response.


During the postpartum period, CranioSacral therapy supports the mother’s physical and emotional recovery. Special attention is given to structural realignment of the spine and pelvis, pelvic health and emotional balance. CST also helps alleviate the discomforts of newborn care and mothering. The new mother can also be treated holding her baby and that way both benefit from the session.

CST is highly effective in the treatment of breastfeeding issues such as poor latch and sore nipples.

Sensitive postpartum care is of utmost importance. As the new mother begins her journey into motherhood she might need to process her birth experience. Sometimes new mothers are left with feelings of loss, guilt, anger or shame after childbirth. Addressing these feeling in the first weeks postpartum can help prevent other postpartum distress and challenges.

CST after Cesarean birth assists the mother to heal and integrate the childbirth experience, resolve post-epidural pain and trauma, process the birth, bond with baby and recover faster.

Miscarriage & Baby Loss

A CranioSacral Therapy session after miscarriage or other baby loss provides gentle, compassionate touch to give mom a safe space to rest. It is a time to pause and just breathe. During CST, the nervous system moves with ease from the sympathetic fight-or-flight response to the calm and receptive parasympathetic response.

In this safe space mom’s whole system will be able to rest which, in its own time, gently invites the body-mind-spirit back into wholeness.

I visited Evelyn for three sessions of transformational mentoring and craniosacral therapy, and wow what a difference! The crippling anxiety I was experiencing was reduced to something completely manageable in such a short time! The mentoring was so insightful. I was able to work through the causes of the anxiety. The CST helped me to relax and let go of all the stress. After each session I felt a peace and a clarity that were rejuvenating. If you are experiencing anxiety I highly recommend you schedule a session with Evelyn! ~Stephanie

Where do I even begin? This place is a life saver. I recently lost my baby and was told that this was a great place to start in finding help. It truly has been a great place. If anyone is suffering from grief, anxiety, depression, etc…. try Transformational Mentoring!!!! If I could become trained in this method and offer it to people, I would- because it works THAT WELL. -Christina K.

I’ve never been so profoundly touched by CST until the birth of my son, Hudson. My waters broke early in the morning and were leaking consistently through the day. I began to get concerned that my labor wasn’t progressing- it was inconsistent (contractions far apart and short in duration). I called Evelyn. She came over and performed CST- within less than one hour- my labor went from inconsistent to active and strong. My son was born 3.5 hours later (including the time we spent doing CST together). ~Blair W.

The CST session helped remove mental blocks that were keeping me from going into labor. During the session I realized I had to let go and know that my son was going to be fine after the birth of the new baby. I didn’t even know that was a block until the CST with Evelyn. ~Susan W., VBAC mom 2 weeks pass her EDD

When I needed CranioSacral therapy during a very rough postpartum period, Evelyn offered loving support and validation. Her genuine warmth and peaceful energy put me at ease throughout our sessions. Her intentions to bring healing to women is sincere and fueled by love and wisdom! ~M.R.

Thank you for the beautiful CranioSacral session, for holding a tender, loving space for me. I feel more present in the moment, more in touch with my feelings and my body, who I am. ~Kate, cesarean mom

Evelyn’s craniosacral therapy helped me to come back to a feeling of peace and calmness when I needed it most. I couldn’t help but smile at the end of the session because I knew something had been released. I don’t know the hows or whys, but this work and this woman are amazing. Thank you Evelyn! ~Julie

I had a lot of tension and many fears surrounding my upcoming birth. During and after my session with Evelyn, I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed and in tune with my body. It was like a weight was lifted off. I was able to clear my mind and focus on her healing touch, envisioning my birth and holding my baby boy! It was an amazing experience, and I will definitely be going back soon! Thank you Evelyn for supporting women in our community! ~Megan (Megan had a successful VBAC after a three hour labor!)

I came to Evelyn for craniosacral therapy after I experienced a early miscarriage. I had never had craniosacral therapy before so I didnt know what you expect. Evelyn was so kind and explained exactly how it would work. After the session, how I felt was surreal. I felt more relaxed and at peace than I did before the session. It was really amazing! Thank you again Evelyn! ~Heather

Today, I’ve gotta thank Evelyn and her wonderful wizard magic that is craniosacral therapy. During my 38th week of pregnancy, I came to her with a posterior baby. After about 5 mins on her table, I was snoring and when I woke up an hour later, he was turned and my back felt so much relief! Then I saw her one more time before the birth to help me relax because “he was never going to come.” I left feeling drugged (in the best way) that’s the only way I can think to describe it, so relaxed and ready for labor. She’s also done some amazing work for my little boy immediately after birth and again upon discharge from the NICU. ~Ashley, home birth VBAC mom

Every mom would benefit from receiving CranioSacral therapy before the birth of her child! It was transformational and cleansing.” ~Joanna, pregnant mom preparing for the birth of her third child

I have seen Evelyn for craniosacral therapy to help with conception and during my pregnancy, and attended yoga at her lovely studio. I highly recommend her services for women. ~Amanda S. (proud mom of a beautiful little boy!)

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