It is interesting for me to notice that whatever I need to learn always finds its way to me. For some years my husband George and I have been studying and applying the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza. His book You Are the Placebo gave us a deeper understanding of how we can heal by thought alone.

Dr. Joe brings to the table the how-to that other scientists don’t share. With eloquence, a brilliant mind and passionate heart, he is able to communicate the connection between spirituality, quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology and genetics to lay audiences with great ease.

We have been using his meditations regularly with wonderful results. When we found out that Dr. Joe was offering two back-to-back workshops in Tampa, we jumped in!

In preparation for the intensive work ahead, we changed our sleep habits. Going to bed before midnight allows us to get up before 8 AM to meditate for one hour before other things get our attention. After being night owls for many years, this is a pretty huge shift for us and we have found ourselves really enjoying it. Meditation is becoming more important than coffee or sleeping in! Who knew!

Soon we noticed a shift in the way we listen. People are noticing that we are becoming better communicators. “You said so much with such few words”, one of my clients said recently. Exciting! We also noticed our businesses are growing effortlessly.

Then came the workshops.

The first part was easy breezy. Then the “real” work began. The days were long and the meditations intensive… well, that was the point. Then George caught a cold – first one in 10 years. He generously passed it to me. Fun.

“All disease is a lowering of frequency.” Dr. Joe.

My frequency was obviously low. You know the person coughing in a room of 650 meditators? Me. I spent a whole day under a Mexican blanket shivering while going in and out of meditations and teachings.

Dr. Joe kept saying, “Don’t let the body be the mind!” Mine was. I was cranky and impatient.

My body ruled. Until it didn’t.

On Sunday morning during the 4 hour meditation that began at 4:00 AM, my heart finally cracked open like a juicy quenepa. For a sweet moment I became the observer in The Unified Field of Loving Intelligence.

Until that moment meditation has been a mechanical practice. No longer a spiritual virgin, I experienced the Love within the Unified Field. Consciousness. Oneness. I walk in and out of the Field clumsy and with a smile on my lips. I know it’s OK to get lost because I know where I’m going.

“When you place your attention on anything, it expands.” Dr. Joe

For more about Dr. Joe, visit Dr Joe Dispenza’s website.