Have you experienced an overwhelming birth?

Are you stuck in the WHAT IFS?

Do you reflect on your baby’s birth with regret or sadness?

Do you wonder why the birth of your baby did not go the way you envisioned?

Have you been worried about an upcoming birth?


Find New Meaning After a Disappointing, Difficult or Traumatic Birth & Experience More Love, More Health, More Joy!

How Clearing Birth Trauma Sessions Work

A woman’s experience of giving birth and becoming a mother is a powerful transformational journey. Birth is a life event that tests a woman’s physical and inner resources. In some instances, childbirth can be unexpectedly challenging, overwhelming and even heartbreaking. A mother might be left with unanswered questions and feelings of disappointment, deep sadness, regret, anger, blame or guilt about the events surrounding the birth of her baby.

When something is painful or disturbing it slams into awareness and leaves a lasting impression. Even when the experience is finished deeper parts of the mind may continue to respond as if the disturbing event is still happening.

Sometimes experiences that have been consciously forgotten can continue to exert a negative influence. It is as if parts of us have not gotten the good news, the news that the painful experience is finished! This may affect emotions, thinking, relationships, behavior and even health.

Clearing disturbing thoughts and painful emotions after a difficult birth opens space in your body, mind and spirit to be fully present in your life and the lives of your children. When the mind is cleared from disturbing thoughts and emotions, the energy that was used to keep that stuff alive is now available for growth, healing and joy.

“If we face our unpleasant feelings with care, affection, and nonviolence, we can transform them into the kind of energy that is healthy and has the capacity to nourish us.” ~Thich Nhat Hahn


A Positive Solution for Birthing Challenges

Have You?

    • Experienced feeling a loss of control during and/or after birthing
    • Experienced fear for your baby’s safety or your own safety
    • Felt unheard, uncared for, or pushed into making difficult decisions
    • Had poor pain relief during labor
    • Experienced distress and intense fear during and following your birth experience
    • Felt disappointment and deep sadness about your birth experience
    • Experienced an emergency delivery
    • Faced difficulty processing and accepting your birth experience
    • Experienced separation from your baby at or following birth
    • Are you preparing for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)
    • Are you preparing to birth again after experiencing any of the above

What happens during a session?

Your session is an uplifting, purposeful, solution-focused conversation. During each session you will gain a fresh perspective to facilitate rapid, positive, transformational change.

It is not necessary to relive past events or experience any pain.

In the comfort and safety of the Red Tent your nervous system will move with ease from the SYMPATHETIC fight/flight/freeze response to the calm and receptive PARASYMPATHETIC response.

In this calm space, the body and mind can gently and safely release what is no longer beneficial. The mind and body become responsive and receptive to new information, integration and healing. Your thoughts, feelings and behavior align to work in your benefit. You will see yourself and the birth of your baby in a new light.

How many sessions will I need?

One to three sessions is the average to address a specific issue. You will feel a shift from the very first session.

It is common for women to worry about the cost of self-care. Consider the benefits of this very short term investment. Taking care of yourself and getting what you need is important for you and your family. The cost of not getting help is much higher. Your health and well being is worth the investment.

I’m a mom, am I not a good mom because I am experiencing these feelings?

No. It means you are a mom experiencing challenging circumstances. Admitting that something is not working for you, especially at a time when everything is suppose to be so ‘perfect,’ can feel like taking a step off a cliff, not knowing how far you will fall. It can be scary. But you’re not alone. This is your opportunity to courageously take control and feel better.

Do you work with dads?

Absolutely! Although the mother is the one who experiences the physical trauma of childbirth, there is a lot of evidence indicating that dads can also be negatively affected by the birthing experience. Especially when there is a real or perceive life-death situation, dads can be left deeply confused and traumatized by the lack of control experienced during the event. These feelings can affect how dad bonds with baby, the couples’ relationship, how he views having more children and more.

How soon can you see me?

Appointments can be scheduled within a week of your initial call. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available. Urgent appointments (same day or next day) may be available if needed. You can book your appointment online HERE

Are sessions confidential?

Yes. Your confidentiality is of paramount importance. Which means you will receive highly professional services.

Do you offer long distance sessions?

Yes. I am happy to meet through video chat. (Skype or FaceTime).


My birth experience with my first child was very traumatic. Because my baby was so sick, I like everyone else, was concerned only with her wellbeing. While I knew that my daughters birth was a hard and trying experience for me as parent, I didn’t realize the profound impact her birth had on me until I became pregnant again with my son. I was suddenly overwhelmed with anxiety about how this birth would go.

My doula suggested I schedule a birth story healing session with Evelyn to address my fears and help me move forward in having the birth that I wanted. On top of the birth trauma, my relationship with my husband was in turmoil over my wishes for my birth. We were in complete disagreement on just about everything. This made me extremely angry.

In just one session with Evelyn, my heart opened so much. After completing the session with her and another exercise she suggested at home with my husband, we were finally able to communicate lovingly with one another. My husband and I were able to heal from my daughters birth and rewrite a birth vision together for our son’s birth. Our relationship grew so much through the remainder of our pregnancy and never in my life did I feel so loved and supported.

On September 2nd, 2015 I had an extremely empowering and healing birth. I was fully supported by the ones I love and I will forever be grateful to Evelyn for the seeds she planted in my heart. -Michelle G.

[After the birth of her son: “The hardest most fulfilling and exhilarating experience of my life. I relive it in my head over and over again and feel all of the raw emotions pulsing through my mended heart. This birth healed me!”]

I went to Evelyn for Transformational Mentoring followed by CST. It was truly some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Evelyn is an unbelievably wise and kind soul. She made me feel heard and validated, and then went further by giving me different perspectives that truly changed my view of the experience. The CST sort of clarified and cemented everything.

I was somewhat skeptical before going, but it was really, well, transformative. I have been able to release so much of the trauma I was carrying and move forward with a very healing second birth. I am so thankful to Evelyn. She is absolutely a miracle worker. -Kelly M.

Thank you Evelyn! I am actually feeling quite well. I even met with the anesthesiologist for a consult and didn’t shed a tear. That’s big progress for me. It seems that I don’t feel the “fear” attached to that memory anymore and I think I am able to look at the future birth options in a much clearer, unclouded way. Thank you again for all of your help. ~Lisa

I recently have been going to mentoring/CST sessions to help heal from my births, particularly the last one. I can honestly say, after two sessions, I can look back at the woman who birthed those babies with pride and compassion, no longer the fear and grief I felt before. I will still hold a place for the event, it was huge, life altering. But I no longer feel like a failure, or weak. The empowerment of changing the way you think about something, is truly awesome. -Michelle S.

I’m amazed at how during and after my private session with Evelyn I became more clear and understanding of how I was feeling regarding my birth decisions. Before her session I always felt doubtful and afraid of the decisions that I was making regarding my births. I left her session with confidence in my decisions and my births. I’m so thankful for Evelyn and the work she does that has helped me so much. I highly recommend her!! ~Heather Esteves

I was super skeptical at the start of my appointment Saturday, but it turned out to be amazing! I have so much courage in place of the fear. I’m going to rock this birth and we are all going to be ok! I feel like I smile more thinking about it and I’m actually excited for this process. – R.T.

[And just last week this mother had an empowering and amazing VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean.) She and her family are filled with joy.]

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