Transformational Mentoring FAQs

transformational mentoring is an uplifting, positive solution for life's challenges

Transformational Mentoring, an Uplifting, Positive Solution for Life’s Challenges…

  • You yearn to feel joy, yet troubling thoughts have been occupying your mind
  • You are eager for clarity to follow your dreams, yet you have been feeling stuck, confused, lost
  • You are ready to move on with your life, yet the same old thoughts have been playing in your mind
  • You want to feel energetic and healthy, yet you have been feeling sick, tired, anxious, depressed
  • You are a new (or new again) mom looking forward to enjoying this time with baby, yet you have been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried
  • You had a disturbing or traumatic birth or postpartum experience and you are looking to let go of the pain and disappointment – Read More about Healing From Birth sessions
  • You are getting ready to birth again and want to let go of fear

What is Transformational Mentoring?

Imagine feeling clear, confident, supported. Transformational Mentoring is a heart centered, uplifting, integrative approach that facilitates repid, long lasting change. Sometimes we can use a hand to navigate life’s challenges and learn to thrive during life’s transitions. Transformational Mentoring accelerates change by providing clarity, focus, guidance and a new perspective.

You will feel your mind and heart opening to new possibilities, awareness and insights from the very first session.

Sessions are a personalized blend of mentoring, hypnotherapy, energy therapy and mindfulness practices. Sound healing and CST might also be used. Bliss!!

What happens during a session?

In each uplifting, solution-focused session you will gain a fresh perspective to facilitate rapid, positive, transformational change. In the comfort and safety of the Red Tent your nervous system will move with ease from the SYMPATHETIC fight/flight/freeze response to the calm and receptive PARASYMPATHETIC response.

In this calm space, the mind and body become responsive and receptive to new information, integration and healing. Your thoughts, feelings and behavior align to work in your benefit.

How many sessions will I need?

One to three sessions is the average length to address a specific issue.

I’m a mom, am I not a good mom because I am experiencing these feelings?

No. It means you are a mom experiencing challenging circumstances. Admitting that something is not working for you, especially at a time when everything is suppose to be so ‘perfect,’ can feel like taking a step off a cliff, not knowing how far you will fall. It can be scary. But you’re not alone. Transformational Mentoring is your opportunity to courageously take control and feel better.

How soon can you see me?

Appointments can be scheduled within a week of your initial call.  Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available. Urgent appointments (same day or next day) may be available if needed. You can book your appointment online HERE

Are mentoring sessions confidential?

Yes. Your confidentiality is of paramount importance. Which means you will receive highly professional services.

Do you offer long distance sessions?

Yes. I am happy to meet through video chat. (Skype or FaceTime).

What is the fee?

The fee is $95 for a 90-minutes session. A three session package is $255.

It is common for women to worry about the cost of self-care. Consider the benefits of this very short term investment. Taking care of yourself and getting what you need is important for you and your family. The cost of not getting help is much higher. Your health and well being is worth the investment.

My transformational mentoring sessions with Evelyn have been just that- TRANSFORMATIONAL. I was in a place in my life where I had lost touch with my true essence and light- it was covered up by feelings of guilt, regret and fear. I had three sessions with Evelyn and felt a lift with each session. Having my heart and mind on the same page has been so liberating!! I have tried many different modalities of healing- lots of them. This work has been the most healing and impactful without a doubt. I love how simple, yet effective it is. I now have the space to share my own gifts! ~Blair

This work has been the most healing and impactful without a doubt. I love how simple, yet effective it is. I now have the space to share my own gifts! ~Blair

I recommend Transformational Mentoring to any woman who desires additional kindhearted expert support on any level to heal, relax, and make positive changes. ~Bethany

Evelyn has been such a blessing in my life! After only one session with her, I felt amazing for days and I scheduled appointments for the rest of the month! I wasn’t sure what CranioSacral therapy would do to help me, but the sessions are so lovely and calming and released a lot of physical tension. Evelyn’s wisdom and skill in this therapy and personal mentoring is undeniable. She is clearly intuitive with her work and guidance, and speaks to exactly where I am at in my life. I recommend her services to any woman who desires additional kindhearted expert support on any level to heal, relax, and make positive changes. ~Bethany

Today I had a mother-mentoring session with Evelyn. Even though life is going pretty well for me, I left my session feeling a great amount of clarity and peace. I’m telling you it’s better than any post-workout high or trip to Krispy Kreme! (Bonus: there’s no sweating or calorie guilt involved) ~Jenna

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