What Is The One Thing You Can Control in Your Pregnancy?

prenatal nutritionNope, it’s not your partner, your mother or even your birth. Good prenatal nutrition is a fundamental part of healthy life-style. Your nutrition is the one aspect of life that you have total control of during your pregnancy.

The result of a nutritionally depleted woman is a nutritionally depleted mother who is physically and emotionally exhausted.

A pregnant mother has the highest nutritional needs in a woman’s life. In our fast pace world many do not get the daily nutritional requirements needed for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. To get the best prenatal nutrition for you and your baby, start with a healthy plant strong diet.

For optimal prenatal nutrition, it is often necessary to consume amounts of nutrients that are higher than the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance).

The RDA are generally considered the minimal recommendations for avoiding deficiency. When you’re pregnant, your nutritional needs are increased, but many prenatal vitamins provide only the minimal RDA amounts for pregnant women.

For a well rounded prenatal nutrition, you can supplement your healthy diet with the carefully formulated, comprised of Prenatal Vita-Antioxidant and Prenatal Core Minerals.

Both provide advanced levels of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to safely support your health and the healthy growth and development of your baby—from before conception until you stop nursing.

Prenatal Nutrition CellSentials™ When you order the Prenatal CellSentials™ , you will receive two products:
Prenatal CellSentials Vita-Antioxidant (More Information)
Prenatal CellSentials Core Minerals (More Information)

Prenatal CellSentials Vita-Antioxidant Supplement Facts
Prenatal CellSentialsCore Minerals Supplement Facts

You Get What You Pay For Dare to Compare!

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When it comes to your pregnancy, you have the right to choose the best possible prenatal nutrition for you and your baby. Start with the Prenatal CellSentials™ and add BiOmega™, Active Calcium™ Chewable, and USANA® Vitamin D to your daily supplement routine. This will ensure you get a safe, comprehensive spectrum of the nutrition you need to support your own health and your baby’s healthy growth and development.


The rapidly dividing cells of the developing fetus require biotin to aid in regulating healthy cellular responses.  The Prenatal CellSentials™ are an excellent source of biotin.

Vitamin A is important during fetal development and supports formation of the circulatory system, heart, eyes, ears, and limbs. Prenatal Vita-Antioxidant is a good source of provitamin A. It contains 15,000 IU of beta carotene per day, which is similar to the level contained in one carrot. The beta carotene form of vitamin A is a safe, non-retinoid form of this essential nutrient that poses no toxicity risk.

Another important antioxidant, vitamin C is essential for helping the body make collagen, which is a building block for cartilage, tendons, bones, and skin. It also supports iron absorption.*

Aside from helping to develop strong bones and teeth by aiding calcium absorption, recent studies have shown a positive correlation between maternal vitamin D status and healthy neonatal outcomes, including healthy birth weight. Prenatal Vita-Antioxidant is rich in vitamin D.* Depending on your diet and the amount of sunlight you get regularly, you may want to also add USANA’s Vitamin D supplement to your nutritional regimen.

Because maternal blood volume increases by nearly 50 percent during pregnancy, iron supplementation beginning by the second trimester is important for supporting the production of red blood cells, which help transport oxygen and nutrients to the baby. Maternal iron is also needed during pregnancy and lactation to provide the infant with sufficient iron stores to last through the first four to six months of life, after which supplementary feeding is usually recommended. Prenatal CellSentials™ are a excellent source of iron.

Calcium is important for a healthy pregnancy and maintaining the mother’s bone density, which is especially important as calcium is transferred to the baby for developing bones, teeth, and muscles.*

A woman’s need for iodine increases considerably during pregnancy and while nursing. It is needed for maternal thyroid hormone production, which plays a role in fetal neurocognitive development. Deficiency of iodine is accepted as the most common cause of preventable brain damage in the world. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can negatively impact cognitive function. Prenatal CellSentials™ contain high-potency iodine.

Zinc deficiency has been linked to low birth weight and an increased risk of developing delivery complications, so maintaining adequate levels is especially important for a healthy pregnancy. Zinc also supports healthy fetal cell growth.*


As with all USANA Nutritionals, CellSentials Prenatals are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. Plus, additional nutrients, such as vitamin K, choline, and USANA InCelligence Technology™, make the Prenatal CellSentials™ a well-balanced supplement for supporting the health of your future family.*

This product is made in the USA.

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George Fox

George Fox

Health & Wellness Consultant

It is my passion to bring evidence based nutritional information and knowledge to pregnant and lactating women. When it comes to pregnancy it’s all about the health of the mother and the baby. There is never a more demanding time for proper, complete and balanced nutrition in a woman’s life than when she is pregnant or nursing. Safety, quality and effectiveness are my top concerns, because in pregnancy and life nutrition matters.

George Fox, Health & Wellness Consultant

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