Over the years many women have found community, clarity, inspiration, support and guidance in the Circle of Mothers. I call my style of mentoring Transformational Mentoring (TM). I offer TM in the Circle of Mothers, classes, workshops and in one-on-one private sessions.

Transformational Mentoring is a heart-centered, solution-focus style of mentoring.

Circle of Mothers

Motherhood brings about many joys and many challenges. It is a time of profound transformation. Many new mothers find themselves confused and overwhelmed by unexpected emotions, thoughts and responsibilities. The good news is that you do not have to do this alone!

Our circle is about the mother, not just your baby. 

We delve into a wide range of motherhood challenges with compassion, humor and mindfulness. We share practical, heart-centered ideas and simple mindfulness tools to keep you thriving in the midst of motherhood.

Our focus is on inspiring mothers to tap into their own intuition and inner wisdom with the support of the Circle and the guidance of an experienced mentor.

Topics include postpartum moods & challenges, isolation, creating balance, transitions, relationships, self-care, nighttime parenting, breastfeeding, terrific toddlers, conscious parenting and a lot more.

Pregnant mamas and women in the conception journey are encouraged to attend.

Children Welcome. A $10 donation is suggested for each meeting. Donations can be made at the sign-in desk or via friend’s gift on PayPal to Evelyn@RedTent.us

Look at our Events Calendar for times and days.

One-on-One Private Transformational Mentoring Sessions

Private mentoring sessions are uplifting, healing and very relaxing. A private session is appropriate when you feel that there is a lot on your plate and you want a hand to navigate a rough spot and get back on track fast. This is a way to accelerate unstuckness exponentially. Transformational Mentoring is the missing piece on your way to a conscious, joyful life!


• Thriving During Life Transitions

• Creating a Birth or Parenting Vision

• Womb Parenting & Healthy Pregnancy

• The Postpartum Journey

• The Motherhood Journey

• Gentle Parenting

• Anything else that might be on your mind…

These sessions are available in person or over Skype or Facetime.

Questions? Need more information? Do you feel that you could use a hand navigating aspects of you life? Schedule a 30-minute free Discovery Call with me. There is no obligation. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. I look forward to getting to know you!

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